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we had just about the storm of the century last night. just as i finished talking to Tav, the winds outside started blowing really first ithought it was the surround sound on the TV. we all went outside and could barely stand up! the outside lantern was whipping around like it was nothing and there was sand and leaves and lightening everywhere. it made all the doors in the house act like they were possessed and start banging shut and opening again without the windows being open very far. my shutters kept banging shut and the toilets had NO water in was really creepy. we all slept in the livingroom needless to say 0_o

Tav stayed most of the "powerless" night at his theatre defending it from potential looters. they made up a few games to pass the time, but Chris' girlfriend, Trish ran forehead first into a wall so they called off the game and Tav went home. i feel bad that she ran into a wall...but at the same time not too bad *and i even kinda laughed*...she annoys me. is that a bad thing? *feels bad for being evil*

well, inspite of the storm last night, it looks like its going to be a beautiful day...toodles.
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