An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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im weak...

guess what i drew today....

a were. YEP!!! im so weak, and that just means i lied to myself when i said that other one was my last for awhile. i may finish it, i may not. i have to start thinking about art pieces for FC but nothing i draw is good me at least, i think im in a really bad slump. and i mean REALLY bad...

i CANNOT wait until i get back home so i can work on Muttropolis(tm). i need to revamp the char's a bit and figure out what the heck im prepared to see some character studies. these things take time....

wow im so disappointed in myself....*joking*

i guess im just drawing what i feel =)

thank you bastek for purchasing this pic! i <3 you =)
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