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list of characters

well, gibbet has inspired me indirectly.

just for my own reference *and your curiosity* heres a list of my more recent characters..i have many, and yes i do tend to forget them, but these are the ones that have been introduced to the community within the past couple of years.

Thorn - white and gray timber wolf
Niko - Husky/Wolf
Dante - shepherd mutt
Marmalade - "Tabby" or "Golden" tiger
Corbin and Phoenix - made up species, jaguar/tiger, wolf, quetzal, lion
Geyadahi - Wolf
Red Velvet - red colored wolf with white markings
Smiley - Smilodon
Polaris - Winged Wolf
Orion - Winged Wolf
Mishka - Husky, Balto Fanfic *Balto's daughter*
Remington - Malamute, Balto Fanfic *Steele's Son*
Binx Bobcat - Bobcat..duh
Kirby Wolfe - Wolf...again...duh...
Justin - blue haired punk wolf
Benjamin - Thylacine
Adelaide - Thylacine
Melon Collie - Gothic Blonde Border Collie
Bored R. Collie - Gothic Black Border Collie

i just may revive some of em, because i just now realized i dont have all of em online anymore...fancy that...*ponders*

all characters are copyright Nicole "Thornwolf" Dornsife btw. *stupid grin*
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