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fun stuff

Got to talk to XianJaguar today. shes so nice =D
were doing a print trade which is pretty wicked awesome. i felt bad the print she wants sux so much so im giving her another one along with it. Also, gave her a LJ code =) fun stuff fun stuff.

went out wit Travis, Tiff and Cody. Went to hot topic and bought a tenacious D keychain *love the D* and also a sticker that says *i talk to squirrels* so me =)

Xaian Quarie finished her part of the trade today. its very cute! unfortunately i dont think it has a URL so i cant post it here. if i figure out a way to do that without putting it in my index i will do so.

oh yeah, and guess what! Today i created the first items in my "Thorn's Creation" store!
Heres the URL..

feel free to shop around! theres only one image right now but there will soon be more. if i have any on my VCL gallery that you would like me to add, please let me know and i will see what i can do.

today was a good day. i got to leave at lunch time, and got some chores done! =)
anyhoo..gonna go talk to Xian some more, ciao for now!
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