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announcement and a temporary goodbye

after talking to xianjaguar, engel_wolf, westly and bastek, im finding that i have been becoming very angry about stupid little things lately and have not been acting like my usual happy go lucky self. most of it is regarding the furry art community. i leave for two weeks and come back to everyone being as PMSy as you can be, what with people flooding others' LJ's with mindless babble and witchhunts, to people making false accusations and assumptions, to just all around drama that i dont need.

something that i enjoy very much is becoming a burden, and as Tavis said, if i have to take a break from something that supposedly brings me joy maybe theres something wrong and maybe i just dont like it anymore.

im not saying that im not going to be a fur, or draw furry just going to try to drag myself out of the drama. to do this, im just going to distance myself for awhile. ill still be on LJ with art updates, but no more public rants, no more chatting to random people, and most definitely no more forums. those seem to get me into the most trouble.

so, i will take this time off to develop my talent rather than my social status, because after all, thats all i ever wanted in the first place.

do not try to reach me Via AOL or IM, period. if i feel like talking ill contact you via a private screen name. I just dont like chatting because that seems to add to the drama. you may e-mail me if you feel so inclined to do so, but be warned i may take awhile to reply.

thank you for your support and i hope that this break will prove itself more productive than anticipated.

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