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oh can be jealous now

i bought a set of 120 prismacolor pencils for the grand total of $74 AND if i mail in this little form i get a rebate, so technically it was only $60. =) thats less than a buck a pencil, and as most of you know, they can range up to $1.30 and sometimes $2.00 depending on availability. *squee*

so 2 days ago, Jaime, Tiff and i decided not to go to disneyland so we went out to sushi instead, then milled around Michaels and Aaron Brothers art marts. i have some pictures from Michaels, with us putting plastic ravens and chickens and owls in our hair....Jaime talks to toy ravens "come my pretties!" i bought a set of 4 acrylic paints "BASIC" brand for 15 bucks. can we say ripoff? yeah, it was..but im a sucker and i bought it anyways...and i also bought some individual prismacolor pencils cuz my set went KABLOOEY in the move so i was then prismacolor-less. *in case you were wondering why i havent been coloring anything* so then we went to michaels and i found a set of..i think 16 acrylic paints for 8 bucks......and its the same brand as my i know theyre good. so imlike "screw that im taking the other ones back to aaron brothers."

So the next day, Jaime and i went to Palomar to get our books, saw some of the resident bops from RBHS who didnt act all flippy and "popular" until they caught sight of us...figures...and Jaime's books cost about $300, mine was closer to $275 *and thats only for 4 books...* not to mention the parking permits were $ that was a rather depressing run.

We picked up Tiff and went downtown to "The Art Store" and shopped around. Tiff had to get a portfolio, Jaime needed an art board, and i wanted to see if prismacolors glow in a blacklight. *silly me*

James and Tiff saw some lady buying a 120 set of prismacolors, bristol, all these expensive art supplies for her 9 year old son..9 YEARS OLD!! he wont know how to treat them right! heck, i didnt even have a 120 set when i was 9..i dont think i got my 74 set until i was 13? maybe older? definitely older actually...and bristol..well..thats like gold in paper they were a bit bitter, until they walked around the isles and saw the sale on the 120 set of prismacolor pencils =) we were all asquee and of course we had to buy them..usually its over $120 for the set...and i dont think ill ever see a deal like that again anytime soon.

and i also bought some acrylic inks...wanna try them out they look pretty neato =)

so im all stocked up for now. im not going to be making any shopping sprees again anytime soon.

oh yeah...then afterwards we went to horton plaza and looked around in hot topic and sanrio. whats with hot topic rekindling our childhood in a stupidly morbid way? i didnt evenremember monchichi's until Tiff found a plushie of one in there..0_o i think thats something id prefer to forget!

okay..bathroom break...
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