An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

Beanie babies and plushies for sale!

alright..trying to de-clutter so heres what im offering..

older beanie babies

$5 each and thats including domestic shipping..anywhere else please contact me and well talk shipping:

mystic the unicorn
mel the koala
seamore the seal
blackie the blackbear
"Hush Puppies" basset hound beanie with christmas hat
Bones the dog *reminiscent of pound puppies in style*
Nip the cat *hes the sandy colored one*
Waves the orca
Prance the gray tabby cat
Doby the doberman
Scooby Doo keychain and change purse *he looks like a plush but hes got a zipper on his back for holding stuff!*

$3 including shipping
peanut the royal blue teeny beanie elephant

$10 including shipping:
polar bear stuffed animal from SeaWorld, brand new, no matts, barely been touched

please respond to this LJ post if you are interested in any of these and well make arrangements...anonymous posters welcome as long as an e-mail address is given.
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