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Survey deal

1. name = Nicole
2. birthday = May 14 1985
3. piercing(s) = none
4. tattoo(s) = none
5. height = 4'11"
6. shoe size = 6, 3 1/2 in converse
7. hair color = i just dyed it so..dark auburn
8. length = if you mean penis length, sorry, youre outta luck. hair length, i dunno middle of my back?
9. siblings = half brother somewhere in the world
10. pets =one bichon frise/cocker spaniel dog mix

11. movie you watched = Signs. FUNNY! SCARY!! go see it. now .
12. movie you bought = thats tough. i dont remember.
13. song you listened to = Every New Day - Five Iron Frenzy
13. song that was stuck in your head = Dont sell me short - Bad Religion. wearing the shirt now.
14. song you've downloaded = The Innocent -goldfinger, mest, good charlotte
15. cd you bought = i couldnt tell you. i borrow cds from friends/burn them and whatnot. BURN BABY BURN!
16. cd you listened to = Our Newest Album Ever -Five Iron Frenzy
17. person you've called = Tavis or Mom. dont remember. people usually call me
18. person that's called you = Mom
19. tv show you've watched = Beyond Belief
20. person you were thinking of = Starfinder cuz shes sad *hugs*

21. you have a crush on someone? = hope so. after all he is my mate (Tavis)
22. you wish you could live somewhere else = eh, sometimes, but i love cali too much
23. you think about suicide = have before, but id most likely go to hell so i dont wanna do that. i like the heat but...thats just ridiculous
24. you believe in online dating = i should. as long as theres SOME RL contact
25. others find you attractive = no one. To Tav's relief =)
26. you want more piercings = Maybe. i dunno
27. you want more tattoos = no
28. you drink = have before *twice*, not heavily or anything and its not a habit at all
29. you do drugs = no.
30. you smoke = no.
31. you like cleaning = no. im bad at it
32. you like roller coasters = LOVE them.
33. you write in cursive or print = both but when i print i write in all caps. an artist thing? maybe
34. you carry a donor card = im not a donor. my guts are staying where they are. when im 18 maybe but if i die while im still a minor, i think my mom would like an in tact carcass

For or against...
35. long distance relationships = for, if you can handle em/do them right
36. using someone = against, unless they used you first
37. suicide = against...
38. killing people = against.
39. teenage smoking = against
40. doing drugs = against
41. premarital sex = against, as hard as it is *no pun intended*
42. driving drunk = against.
43. gay/lesbian relationships = your own thing. i have no opinion *hugs ravid* love you buddy
44. soap operas = against =P

45. food = SUSHI! ITALIAN! i love food! gimme gimme gimme! *chomp chomp chomp*
46. song = too many to list! =D i love "infected", "leaders and followers" "21st century digital boy" by bad religion, anything by Five Iron Frenzy, and "got me wrong" by alice in chains *RIP*
47. thing to do = spend time with my mate and draw. a combination of both is heaven in itself
48. thing to talk about = dumb stuff that makes you laugh uncontrollably
49. sports = to watch, sumo wrestling, to play, soccer. people call me "OH SHIT" cuz when they see me coming they say "OH SHIT!" =) im ferocious
50. drinks = grape juice, milk. simple yet satisfying. i look forward to communion cuz of the grape juice and jesus wafers *licks chops* lol!
51. clothes = anything comfy
52. movies = Balto, Edward Scissorhands, Clerks
53. band = Five Iron Frenzy, Bad Religion
54. holiday = Halloween
55. cars = Anything German

Have you...
56. ever cried over a girl = a relationship way? no...cuz she was coldhearted and was once a friend? yes.
57. ever cried over a boy = yes. tip to you: dont kill yourself over a guy. it wont make them like you more.
58. ever lied to someone = Yes. *slaps wrists*
59. ever been in a fist fight = yes, got a black eye, but beat the crap outta the other person. god i wanna do that again. =D
60. ever been arrested = no. not yet.

61. shampoo do you use = Whatever is in the shower. citrishine is nice =) smells like oranges
62. perfume do you use = Sun moon and stars or paloma picasso
63. shoes do you wear = Birkenstocks. Hippie chick
64. are you scared of = the end of the world *revelation*, clowns, being thrown in front of a subway
65. of times I have been in love? = ive been in love twice
66. of times I have had my heart broken? = too many to count
67. of hearts I have broken? = too many to count...*sorry*
68. of boys I have kissed? = too many to! just kidding! not too many...8 or 9 i think.
69. of girls I have kissed? = none. thorn dont swing that way, sorry ladies
70. of men I've slept with? = none.
71. of girls I've slept with? = still confused as to how that would work *is dumbfounded*
72. of continents I have lived in? = one =P
73. of drugs taken illegally? = does alcohol count? what about second hand smoke?
74. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = 3, my 3 T's, Tav, Trav and Tiff
75. of people I consider my enemies? = i dont think i have any. i dont hold grudges thats the thing...i love everyone whos loving in return. be warned, if you provoke me you will get bitten
76. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? = in HS, hate it, still in contact with people ive known since elementary school .does that help?
77. of cd's that I own? = im not gonna go count for this survey =P
78. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = quite a few actually, as well as some online articles
79. of scars on my body? = i have a few, one that looks like a smiley face. theyre from dumb reasons though
80. of things in my past that I regret? = i have some. But i regret that im not going to share them with you right now =D

Word to the wise....for those of you out there who have picked on Starfinder, stop. Just give it up right now, shes done nothing but provide wonderful art, and at her age, its beyond amazing. dont be jealous freaks. and if you read this and would like to cheer her up, drop her a line im sure it will make her day.
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