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Please don't lick the birds

Well, after promising myself id do my homework...this is what i came up with...

Poor Thorn, shes sad she didnt do her homework *sigh*
I probably wont do it tonight either.

Today at lunch, Tiffany and i went to the Roach Coach, this van that will cook you food for cheap *yum*
The guy who works there started flirting with Tiffany and asking her a billion questions. First he asked her how long shes been going to the college *obviously hoping for a college girl* Then she said she was still in highschool *he seemed surprised.* He then asked her how old she was, she said 17, he said, coincidentally "me too!" although he had already stated that he had graduated highschool already and joined the marines. *dont you have to be 18?* besides the guy looked like 22 at LEAST.
Then, while standing in line there was a guy who had the CUTEST little love bird on his shoulder and he was carrying it around. Then he brought it over to me and goes, "Ladybug, say hi to these girls...shes a love bird. She's very loving" so i took the bird and i was petting her, she was so cute and soft! Then he's like "I know why they call him love birds cuz you should see her and her BROTHER together, theyre always kissing and rubbing each other..theyre very loving." i really hope he wasnt outlining his family life in that sentence. *incest is best*
then Tiffany had the bird and he goes "Give Ladybug kisses" so Tiff made a kissy face at her. Then the guys like "no like this" and he took the bird and LICKED THE BIRD!!! yeah..he stuck his tonge out on the birds neck and licked its neck!!! and this guys like 40 some years old. pretty gross...
Tiff and i were just

ew ew ew ew ew!

Tiff and i had a great idea:
we wanted to make a portfolio to sell on furbid. Ill draw, Tiff will color *shes great at coloring with prismacolor pencils* Then well make prints of the originals and sell them in individual folios. We got this whole idea from the fact that i want to draw Tiffalynx, her character i made for her. But, i need to think of a theme to go with, could you guys help me out?

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