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what fun yesterday was!

so i wanted to see tiffany yesterday before she left *she left sad!!* and it was going to be a group thing, with jaime, amy, tiff and i. were supposed to meet in RB at 5 so i leave an hour and a half before 5 to make sure i get there on time..and i figured at worst ill be early. boy was i wrong. i call amy on my way down there and she said there was a car chase on the 15 earlier that day and im thinking "ah thats nice", and also there was a fire right next to the freeway as well as a big lightening storm as i was driving down..just figured it was a bad day for the 15. i didnt know that that car chase was actually a bigger deal. i ran into traffic as i was 15 minutes away from rancho bernardo..and i mean traffic that was COMPLETELY stopped. i call everyone tell them im going to be late. i call grandma to ask if i can stay there tomorrow night and she goes "yeah theres some suicidal guy on the freeway waving a gun around and theyve closed the freeway completely." great. so im heading for a trap. so my uncle gives me directions on how to get off the freeway and take this little road way out in the wilderness so i can end up by my college and take the 78 to the 15, therefore bypassing the whole trouble. did that, was stuck in traffic for a long time..some guy in a van fell asleep and was parked in themiddle of the road so that caused even MORE traffic..and im thinking "why doesnt this guy just shoot himself, hes holding up traffic and if hes that suicidal hes going to do it eventually anyway..why today though?" so i finally make it to RB. its 6...was supposed to be there an hour early. Tiff is running out of time cuz she still has to pack and everything and decides to move the plans to 8..well thats kinda late cuz i have to be back in elsinore. but then it started storming and im like "theres no way im driving back in this, especially since theres no lights on that freeway..." not to mention i found out later that the guy didnt shoot himself until 9:00 PM..i was planning on leaving at 8:30, i would have still gotten caught in traffic *yeah thats horrible..i felt bad about what i said earlier because i didnt think he would actually shoot himself today =( * so i just stayed at grandma's, went to jack in the box with jaime *who almost ate a flouride tasting milkshake..ewww!* and hung out all night with the girls. that was really fun =D we make the stupidest jokes but they are so freaking funny!

drove back up today, i have to drive back down *sigh* then i have to drive back up to get a feel for where my classes are at school so i dont get lost the first day.

so that was my eventful day. why is it that southern california always has the car chases that end badly?
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