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...and then there were three....

well, liz is gone, and tiffany is gone, i dont think ill ever see jenny again and i doubt ill see amy much cuz she usually keeps busy with diving, not to mention shes going to have a pretty hectic schedule im now its just me, jaime and travis. hung out with travis last night, we watched the exorcist. was anyone else severely disappointed when they first saw that movie? i know i was...

jaime's not answering her phone... and im bored. not that shes here to entertain me, but it would be nice to go out tonight instead of staying kinda anxious to get out in the...moonlight? its would that be?

man this sucks.

on another note, im used to having money, and now that i have little, its a major blow for me. i mean, its not like im a chronic spender, but its scary for me to suddenly not have a backup "supply" of cash available to me should i need it. im keeping my spending to a minimum, and art supplies are my tools of the trade so thats the only exception to the rule *which i will not be making any other splurges for another few months i can promise you quite content with all that i have now* especially since inow have 6 or 7 drawers full of practically new supplies *beams*

yeah now im just sounding snobbish which was not my intent...sorry.

bottom line is, getting used to the college lifestyle of living within your means is going to be tough, but i think i can manage. i dont need a lot of space, since i am very small. im not a clothes horse..i even own some of my clothes ive had since 5th grade...and still wear them believe it or not *and no they havent gone out of style surprisingly*. i have 3 pairs of shoes i rotate between, i dont eat much as i have a very small stomach, and am very creative in the kitchen so i can make a decent meal out of practically nothing. its just, weird to suddenly HAVE to do that now instead of do it just on occasion. =P this is going to be weird. i think im in for quite a few surprises.
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