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everything but the cold weather...

You are a Wendigo. You are extremely religous
(whatever religion it may be) and really in
touch with nature. You also have a tendency to
fly off handle at...EVERYTHING. You like cold

Which of the twelve werewolf tribes would you be in?
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i have so many artistic ideas but with school starting i doubt ill even be able to do them. i have 2 outstanding commissions plus an up and coming conbadge commission to do once the auction ends..*someone please make it worth my while and check out the auction..i dont like spending a lot of time on something for 15 bucks* yeah that sounds bad but you know if you were in the same position youd be thinking it too...

i cant wait to try out my new art supplies. mom took me out to peohe's for lunch today *a hawaiian themed island restaurant with lots of delicious gourmet fishy dishes* and then we went to a wildlife gallery in coronado..yeah..."that" one....*if you dont know the story dont ask..its really between me, the artist involved, and the friend who was with me, ie: tiffalynx*

i got all inspired to do more wildlife art. i think i may start with something to decorate mom's house with. i rarely draw for my parents anymore..maybe because i feel underappreciated, but at least mom has been displaying my artwork in the house like she's proud of it so i think i will do something nice just for her. she deserves it, after all i didnt get her an anniversary card this year..oops. =P if i could figure out something that would look good in june's house id definitely do something for dad and her..i just can't figure out what...

what animal goes with blue and lots of it? ..and dont say polar bear...

arty arty arty arty must do artwork!! gah! *dies*
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