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cramming before school

yeah..little gem of information, i found out one of my classes is in camp hour from grandma's house. why on earth would they have classes at a military base? an english class no less.... *sigh* its only for a couple of months...the class ends in october. ill deal

i have a lot of art ideas. i worked a little on muttropolis today, did some research and sketched a bit of a painting for my mom's house, and did some research for another image ive been thinking of for quite some time. i feel productive, but im afraid that thats going to be put on hold for awhile with school starting.

havent worked on my 2 commissions mainly because i wanna get some enjoyment in before the stress of school. kaffe's commission is star wars related, i hate star wars, and i didnt feel like tackling it and stressing myself out even more this week. not to mention sepps commission is coming along in stages. i cant seem to sketch out a position i its back to the drawing board everytime..hope you guys understand.

looking forward to the conbadge though. i like doing those.

if i may be so bold i'd like to say that i talked to plague_dog and found out that he goes to my college and may be in my art class i have with jaime..that is if theyre held in the same classroom. how many art 120 classes held at 11:00 AM can there be? this should be interesting....*and hes a yerf artist...yay for socal furs!*

im talking to my wuffy boy through aol 9.0. i can hear his voice and see his face! this is cool! now i need a mic and a cam for my computer and ill be set =D no more long phonebills..but then again, the only time hes online is at night and thats when we talk on the phone. blah =P but this is fun anyways *giggles!*

ok, gonna talk to wuffy boy now.
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