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BBQ's are more fun than a clown on fire...

that is the funniest think ive heard all week..

but anyhoo, about yesterday.

yesterday was my first day of college...WEEEEE!

Math 50 - 9 AM

not as bad as i thought and the time passed quickly. there was a dog in my class, its a therapy dog in training so the owner brought him with her. its a cute little blue and brown corgi! everyone say "awwwwww"!
got a primo spot right in front so i could leave asap to haul to my art class back in san marcos.

Art 101 - 11:00 AM....(10-15 minutes later)

got there late as expected, but even though the lot had a sign that said "Lot Full" i found a spot right in front. imagine that! hopefully ill be this lucky for the rest of the semester.

Found Jaime sitting in the far right corner of the classroom. it was very VERY quiet 0_o

got to meet Reagan aka "Sulaco" from yerf ( plague_dog ) and hes very nice! looking forward to seeing some of his art and talking with him more.

this guy named Kyle is in our class and hes from Snid's art class that Jaime and Tiff were in. hes..interesting. =/

the teacher just kept saying stuff like "so...uhh..whats up? what other classes are you taking? dont you have somewhere to be?" and were like.."" he goes "theres nothing for you to do today, so go to whatever for the rest of class..." 0_o

hope this happens more often than not! =D Jaime and i went to find out where the math class i want to crash is *felt bad rushing off, wanted to talk with Reagan more, but it proved itself to be a good thing because we got lost forever =P *

after all that nonsense Jaime and i went to the cafe and got iced coffees and observed every Ne'er-do-well from RB walk by...kinda made me feel bad cuz it seems like the people you dont really wanna see again go to Palomar, so what's our excuse? at least well be transferring, i think most of these people are aiming for their associate's degree here..

it was a fun afternoon =)

Math 50 (the class i want to crash cuz it matches my schedule better and is on the san marcos campus* - 2:00 PM

stood outside waiting for the teacher. i had talked to him earlier that morning but wanted to see if there was any chance of me getting in the class. as i was standing i hear this.."OH....MY.....GOD!!" and turn around...its this guy i havent seen since highschool, actually since comiccon 2002, and i was hoping to never see him again.

our conversation included "hey, you remember when you said i remind you of a seal and you drew me as a seal? fun times. Hey, do you ever talk to remy? fun times. Hey, do you ever talk to Mez still? i have his house number, thought about calling him to hang out...Hey, were you there when i stuck that fork in the electrical socket in Science? yeah you times. Your boyfriend's in new york? wow i dont like long distance relationships. not to sound crude, but how do you know hes not cheating on you? *long pause with me glaring at him* Hey i gotta get your number." *sigh*

i said i dont give out my number because i just moved in with dad's GF and its not my number to give out,its hers. >_< yeah..hes in my class. ill just be nice though, can't hurt.

the teacher is really nice, he goes pretty slow and explains things pretty well, which is good for me because i have a hard time focusing and i actually wanna pass this class with some knowledge instead of memorizing everything for a test. i think im going to do well, and im seriously going to make an effort this semester. as much as i hate math, i think that having it only twice a week will be good for me.

English 100 - 6 PM - Camp Pendleton Marine Base

i had directions from the school site on how to get there. they were wrong, of course. they led me to the math building and of course my english class is all the way on the north side of the base. i talked to this old guy who drew me a map and said i wanted to find the "SOI or School of Infantry" and thats where my class will be held. i drove for awhile, came across the road i was supposed to turn on, really decreped buildings that looked abandoned, and one said "animal shelter" on it. nowhere did i see a sign that said "School Of Infantry", so i went back on the main drag and drove for awhile. Seemed like forever before i saw a sign that said "Tank Crossing". lovely..i just made my way onto the target practice area....hauled ass back in the different direction..went back to the buildings i previously looked at.

Talked to the first person i saw, i said "English 100?" he goes "yeah...were waiting for the teacher."

45 minutes later, teacher was a no show. we called Palomar college, no one had heard from him or could get in touch with i drove an hour out of my way for nothing and now i have to call palomar and make sure hell be there wednesday >_< nice.

ah well, target practice started and the explosions were starting to get a little distracting anyways.

drove home, had barn fever once i hit temecula. theres gotta be an easier way to get home from Camp Pendleton *sigh*

all in all I'd say it was a good day and I like college. Mom said in highschool i only averaged about 4 days a week since i kept faking sick, now i only go to school for 2 1/2 days, and come october, 4 hours and thats it =) *squee*

alright, going back to bed. i apparently got a "false start" this morning
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