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In Havasu, yet again

Hello there, just wanted to let you guys no that no, i didnt go COMPLETELY freaky nuts. it just happens when im tired.
anyhow, Dad and i are spending some quality time in lake havasu for the 3 day weekend. some of you may not know that we had a burglary here at the lake house and that means my brand new custom made computer my dad built for me is, in the words of baloo the bear " gone man, solid gone"

luckily the police are hot on the trail and we have a suspect as well as witnesses.

in other news, XianJaguar, i will have your prints mailed to you asap, i just need to get home and do that other red wolf one.

Selunca, were you still going to buy a redwolf print? *im too lazy to e-mail her, she prolly wont get this. ah ill e-mail her later*

Tavis, i love you, i miss you =)

I am currently sitting on a canadian made chair with a canadian made computer desk. and this is what i look like, a canadian blob...Adopt your own useless blob!

Okay thats it for now, just wanted to keep you guys updated that i am still alive =)
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