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call my name gonna walk on by, rain keeps fallin rain keeps fallin down down

im getting a lot of stuff done, but heres all that i have to do art wise (in no particular order):

- shadowlands fucked up animal for FAQ page
- Niko character design sheet
-Sepp's commission
-Kaffe's commission
-zebra for mom
-Dante character design sheet
-censored ShadowLands graphic for FAQ page
-Quicksilver's conbadge commission
-pose set for 04's chat

so yeah, thats a lot to keep me busy for now, but its fun for me, and yeah i have more things i need to do for shadowlands but im trying to take baby steps.

....and this song rocks, but talk about your one hit i have the urge to watch the breakfast club.

"that judd nelson was fuckin' harsh" ~ Jay, "Dogma"
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