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productive day

well, dad woke me up at like 7 something this morning and we got some things done, ie: shopping, rented a movie and bought as well as
im thinking thornwolfpack could be some sort of forum? what do you think?
either way, i needed a website, DESPERATELY. Tav started on one and Travis tried to teach me HTML, cant teach it over e-mail with me cuz im dumb. also i didnt want it to interfere with tavs schedule at all. hes busy enough as it is, poor baby.

so yeah, dad and i got the front splash page done to and imust say its looking great! i cant wait till we really get going on the rest of the site! =)

dad and i watched this movie called "night shift" with fonzie/shelly long/michael keaton. very good movie. made me miss tav desperately though *sigh* it took place in NY. =P moo

well, i think im going to go work on the website some more.
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