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yarrgh its happening already!

im starting to feel old. April came out dressed like a hippy and kept saying "peace peace peace peace". i said "wow, thats funny. 20 years from now my kids are going to be dressing as grunge rockers for halloween. shes like "grunge?" i said "yeah, you know. like Nirvana, Alice In Chains, flannel shirts and ripped jeans." shes like "i dont know what that is." 0_o AHHH!

then this morning she was eating Trix cereal. i said "ew. those tasted better when they were little balls of flavor" she goes "they didnt look like this you mean?" i said, no, they tasted better and they were just little colored balls, like Kix only colored. she just stared at me... i said "you probably weren't born yet." 0_o

its kinda how i feel when i go onto TIB and these little kids go "omg i love balto!" and i do the math..they were 2 when it came out into theatres >_<

its just going to get worse. i just know it...
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