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*heart pounds*

I just called Tavis. He was in a car accident. *cries*

luckily, hes sure just a little shaken. Im seriously stressing out right now...
It was raining really hard over there and he was driving on the hill he always drives on when hes going to work. he was going about 20 mph, turned a corner, his brakes locked. He was heading into oncoming traffic and just missed another car by 3 inches, then crashed into a wall. Bridget *his car* is alright, just a few dents. Hes fine...but the alignments off on his car.
im just thankful that he didnt hit that other car or things would have been a lot worse. im also thankful that his car is a tank. Thank you God for looking after him. I feel so powerless..i hate not being there. If something goes wrong i have to rely on my cellphone to give me the message...and in this case, it decided to not work due to the Mohave Desert cellular systems not allowing me to check my voicemail.
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