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i gotta find a better way to get to elsinore from camp pendleton. i thought the guards were going to frisk me this time...

i got home and just about cried as soon as i got out of the car. heres a brief look at my schedule:

get up at 9, to leave at 10 to be in class by 11. its an hour drive.

art class lasts from 11:00 to 1:50, i have 10 minutes to haul to the other side of the campus, it takes every bit of this time to reach my math class that starts at 2:00. that ends at 3:50, it takes me 10 minutes to get down to the other side of the campus to meet jaime where the lunch area is. i get my lunch by 4:10 i have to leave the school by 4:45 to be in camp pendleton by 6. with traffic/guards/distance it takes all of this time. my english class lasts from 6:00 to 9:50, but last night i cut out early *about 9:30* and didnt get home until 10:45 ish, and thats traveling over the Ortega, a winding road thats not fun at night especially with oncoming traffic with their brights on and little furry animals you can run over.

and yet i cant sleep past 8:30, and napping just doesnt work anymore *le sigh*

i hate this.

then last night my ex boyfriend, adam, IMed me after not talking to him since we broke up...*i think more like 2 years ago?* and asked me to save his relationship with his current girlfriend. apparently one of his friends swears up and down that i talked to him the JC Penny's and told him adam was a sex maniac, tried to rape me, was a horrible vile person blah blah blah..he told adam's current girlfriend and for whatever reason she believes him and is now afraid of adam. whatever. first of all, i dont shop at JC Penny's unless im with my grandma, secondly, i dont even hardly KNOW that friend of most ive probably just said "hi" once or twice to him, and third, i dont think that about Adam. all of that is utterly untrue. adam is probably going to either pick me up/meet me in RB so i can talk to his girlfriend and sort things out or ill just write her a letter...whatever. either way..its been a weird evening/morning.

*yawn* someone give me a sedative please...

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