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one more thing

heres my embarrassing moment for the day *as of yesterday*

was sitting in math class, i had my phone's ringer turned off..*so i thought..*

Tavis calls me, and of course i had just changed my phone's ringer from the Ghostbusters Theme to "What is Love" by Hadaway *you know..from that SNL skit and Night at the Roxbury*...

god speaking of which its going off right now..brb..

it was adam. im meeting him so he doesnt have to pick me up. my phone goes off, and everyone in the class just starts LAUGHING and doing that headbob thing and my teachers like "wow, you could dance to that!" so its like this big old club in my class. i turn off the ringer again.

Tavis calls again cuz i pretty much just hung up on him trying to silence the ring *felt bad but was going to call him later* and everyone laughed at me agian >_<

im a bad pup. *sigh* but it is a catchy ring. *dances to it*
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