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a little reminder for those who may doubt...

theres not one single day that goes by without me wanting to scream from the rooftops that i love my mate with all my heart. i hope he knows that.

theres not a day that goes by where i feel that i am unloved, because i am. very much so, by both my parents and the rest of my family *even grandpa who can't be here for me anymore, i know he loves me* and i am grateful for it.

theres not a day where i feel that i never had any advantages. i consider myself very lucky and happy to have known whats its like to live in america, be intelligent, have had the opportunity to go to school, and always have a roof over my head.

id like to thank God, my friends, my family, my love, and my adopted family *which everyone in the aforementioned categories are part of anyways* for making me so happy. i love you guys. *hugs and kisses*

~Yours forever, Nicole
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