An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

reference-ish goodness

i havent seen an indiana jones movie in..oh..lets see...FOREVER.

The Last Crusade has always been my favorite though *i like sean connery, what can i say?* and i was really thrilled to see that there was a connection between Last Crusade and Kevin Smith's "Dogma"

the original...Indiana Jones:
scene: blimp
action: Indiana "disposes" of an adversary by tossing him out of a blimp *i believe..cant remember very well*. the passengers look stunned and Indy reassures them... " ticket..."

the reference...Dogma:
scene: train
action: Silent Bob "disposes" of an adversary and throws him off the train. The passengers look stunned and Bob reassures them " ticket..." =)

MAN i love finding this stuff!

i mean yeah kevin smith movies are nothing but references, but the key is knowing what theyre from, and this one just surprised me!

oh..and of course theres that ever so subtle Hulk reference Ben Affleck makes before killing the cop. but its been done...

oh? what is this? *clicks* OMG! Dogma is on! what a coincidence! ...this has been happening to me a lot lately...freaky... 0_o
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