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Silent Bob reminds me of my Tavy Wav and now i miss him ...*snuggy snuggy kissy kissy!!*

can someone, preferably someone who has seen Dogma more than one time, answer this question? :

why is it that although the muses have met god, they refer to God as a HER, while the voice of god refers to him as a HIM and gets a little aggravated that they refer to God as female after the woods scene with Bethany crying right before they go see cardinal Glick, though at the end of the movie, God is played by Alannis Morisette??? that always confused me. are they trying to represent that God is niether male nor female? even so, why wouldnt they just say that, and why would Metatron get so indignant about calling her female even though thats how she ended up appearing? *if you dont count the NJ bum*

just a thought....Timber im lookin' at you...any thoughts?
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