An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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help me im insane!

I cant sleep so i talked to Kura

me -*DIES*
Kura -*shakes his head and begins digging your grave and getting your tombstone* here lies nicole durnsoft (the writer messed up your name again), may she never stop laughing... then again that'd be creepy. -snoogans
Me - *ressurects to DIE again LOL!*
Kura - *blinks and hands you a vinyl straight jacket... then wonders if it could keep you from becoming a lesbian*
Me- where the hell did that come from? is my flannel side showing again?
Kura - no I was just thinking.. straight jacket, do they have a gay or bi jacket as well for insane people with different sexual orientations?
Me - good point

goodnight everyone. someone hit me in the head with a giant sleeping pill please.
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