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a horseman.....headless!!

You are the Dullahan!
Dullahans are headless. Although the dullahan has
no head upon its shoulders, he carries it with
him, either on the saddle-brow of his horse or
upraised in his right hand. The dullahan is
possessed of supernatural sight. By holding his
severed head aloft, he can see for vast
distances across the countryside, even on the
darkest night. Using this power, he can spy the
house of a dying person, no matter where it
lies. Those who watch from their windows to see
him pass are rewarded for their pains by having
a basin of blood thrown in their faces, or by
being struck blind in one eye. The dullahan is
usually mounted on a black steed, which
thunders through the night. He uses a human
spine as a whip. The horse sends out sparks and
flames from its nostrils as it charges forth.
In some parts of the country, such as County
Tyrone, the dullahan drives a black coach known
as the coach-a-bower (from the Irish coiste
bodhar, meaning 'deaf or silent coach'). This
is drawn by six black horses, and travels so
fast that the friction created by its movement
often sets on fire the bushes along the sides
of the road. All gates fly open to let rider
and coach through, no matter how firmly they
are locked, so no one is truly safe from the
attentions of this fairy.

Which Irish Fairy Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

didnt do jack squat today. no wait..thats not true, i argued with my uncle about bathing the dog so she looks presentable for my meeting about the room to rent tomorrow. i dont know why he has to be so difficult. i also called Elisha about the room. shes so nice! i think were going to get along just fine, especially since shes not going to be there most of the time. *likes to have some alone time* and dad and june are not even 20 minutes away so i can go see them whenever =D

Tavis called me and announced the death of john ritter andjohnny cash, although i had already foudn out about it via AOL news and other peoples LJ's. its really sad. im so upset that everyone keeps dying, its not fair. i am going to CRY the day that Tom Hanks or Steve Martin dies, but hopefully thats a LONG ways off. *likes to hang on to the classics*

what a trippy movie....havent decided if i like it yet

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