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hey guys, check out what likeshine drew =D
yeah, jay and bob-ness galore..*squees* thank you shiney!

last night was fun. went out with Jaime, Amy, Liz, Jaime's friend Mike, Scotty and Jaime's family to dinner at this seafood place called Saska's. mm tasty. James thank your parents again for me!!

couple of convos that we had:

Me *looking at lady with a stupid looking shirt*: wow, that lady's shirt is half black and half teal. how ugly..looks like she got into a fight with some bleach.
Liz: you should have seen the bleach container. =>

Jaime and Amy: yay crab chowder!
Me: crab chowder? i didnt think that crab was a chowderable animal
Jaime: chowderable?

Jaime: is it good?
Me: yeah! I like this crab chowder better than clam chowder
Amy: theres clams in it
Me: hrm..that would explain the chewy-ness
Jaime: chewy-ness? you make it sound so good =P

Jaime *eating her last bit of shrimp scampi*
Liz: *sings bells of the cathedral AT Jaime* doo doo doodoo doo do doodoo!
Jaime *nearly shoots shrimp out her nose*

Liz: yeah theres this guy thats on my dorm thats in a gang
Me: hes ON your dorm?
Liz: yeah hes waiting for me
Me: hes going to shoot you with his gang knife!
Liz: shoot me with his gang knife? how would that work? *boing-poke?*

Liz also tricked the waitress into bringing her a free shirley temple. she stole my empty glass and i had a full one and she asked for a refill. bad liz!

much silliness was had by all =D they had bacon wrapped shrimp on the menu, but it was cajun style and i was iffy about the pepper, but still! BACON wrapped SHRIMP! anything wrapped in bacon tastes good to me! but i got the shrimp scampi instead and was still impressed.

we then went to find a firepit to have a bonfire in as was the original plan, but after labor day weekend theres no beach fires except on few select beaches, so we basically went to every beach in san diego county and ended up by seaworld at 11 PM. the fire was fun, although Liz almost set me and jenny aflame with her marshmallow. she doesnt blow out her own marshmallows, she has other people do it for her, but the way she does it is she sticks the flaming ball of goo in their face and says their name really loud. i didnt know what this meant so im just like "GET THAT AWAY FROM ME!" and i fling her stick away. =P i dropped my smore on the ground =(

i almost fell asleep on the beach again. i dont know what it is about the beach but it makes me sleepy.

Scotty told me that Tim Burton was coming out with a new movie called "Big Fish". anyone have any info on this? it would be greatly appreciated. sounds interesting =)

didnt get home until 3 last night, and now i have class at noon. yeah..class on a sunday. blech! im sooooooo tired. sleepy sleepy sleepy >_<
going to stay at moms tonight. wont have access to a computer. so, adios all!

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