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The Marine base has Hello Kitty soap in their bathrooms

*points to title* that is true...i swear to God.

Anyhoo, today was superkewl fun. Went to class today only to find that, there was no class to be had! plague_dog saved me and eccentricweepel seats, and we sat, and waited. no model. wheres the teacher? no teacher. he ditched us! so the office guy told us to go home, but instead we all went to Starbucks and had many a bizarre conversatoin over frappuccinos/mochas. needless to say, it was bizarre. i just had to draw it. behold my bad attempt at strongbadian humor! yeah, Sulaco does the weirdest anime face EVER! *scared*

and then theres this one: that's really just a collection of some of our art pet peeves combined.

was fun though. Math occurred as usual, and as usual i couldnt pay attention for crap. i dont know why but math has a way of making me sleepy. i get the info, i just get tired. lucky for me most of it is review and im feeling pretty confident.

forgot my cell phone at moms like an idiot and had to go all the way back to RB to get it, but decided to take Jaime home too cuz, i mean, hey, shes my friend and it was convenient =D

headed up to camp pendleton and was surprisingly only 2 minutes late to my class and made it in just as the teacher was calling my name for roll. woo hoo! i rock!
the teacher didnt have much for us to do so she sent us home a whole 2 hours early..but not before i doodled these while we were discussing the essays we read...*i pay attention better when im doing something*

watched jay and silent bob strike back yesterday with Kura cuz my sunday class was cancelled YET AGAIN. we made quesadillas =) then his parents came home and were annoying =P his dad likes to sit on me.

so yeah. this is me and my spazzy day. =D
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