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*doodle doodle doodle* questions anyone?

what ive done art wise:

- finished Quicksilver's badge, still waiting for payment *taps foot*
- played around with the character illustration for the Werewood book
- fixed composition on kaffe's commission, still tweaking it. im not good with Jedi knight stuff =P
- sketched out Emrys for my art trade with blaqriot

and i got to thinking, what with trying to find dragoncreator on AIM to swap coloring tips and whatnot, does anyone out there wanna ask me any art related questions? im no expert, but sometimes i like to ask other artists how they do something/what their inspiration is/whatever to better help me out.

so..having said that, go on, ask me any art related question you want. it can be my opinion on something or it could be tips and tricks, or whatever comes to mind!

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