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why cant anyone just let me sleep!?

first, i woke up to the phone ringing, i didnt have time to answer it and it was June telling April to get up, then April started talking loudly. i swear, i dont think she realizes im there and possibly asleep. common courtesy will do, just talk softer please >_<
then, some angry hick incoorperated himself into my dreams by yelling FUCK YOU! FUCK! FUCK YOU! really loud. this continued for..oh...20 minutes.
finally got back to sleep..but then whoever he was yelling at got in their really loud car and started driving away yelling and honking.
After awhile i started hearing sounds coming from inside the house, so i went to go investigate. Joy is home sick from school and is watching Titanic.

i just wanna crawl into a sound proof chamber and sleep for 2 days straight.

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