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a "you were raised by wolves and the wolves are now suing for custody" kind of surprise!

yesterday was fun! but first things first...

did some artwork and finally figured out the situation with my class. my teacher isnt dead after all, shes just a flake. class meets this sunday, and if shes not there im going to start burning desks.

went down to RB so i could stay at my grandma's house and spend some time with my poochy pup *the dog..not the boyfriend, although it would have been ideal to have both poochy pups around for the weekend*

Trav and i rented some movies, "You've Got Mail", "Death To Smoochy" and "Orgy of the Dead".

we wanted to watch Youve got mail cuz it was on TV awhile ago and we didnt get to finish it *he hadnt seen it before and stuff like that is kind of addicting*

we ended up getting a free pizza. yeah. that always seems to happen with me. *remember Amy?* the pizza guy got our order wrong for a large half pepperoni half cheese, he gave us a small cheese pizza, so we told him and he said "aw..keep it, that way you can have something to eat while i go grab your order =) " now that is nice! we later found out that a "large" from pizzahut is pretty dang small =P

jaime didnt come over until after she finished her essay. "due by friday" apparently means "due sometime before midnight" to her..and its an online type class anyways. *giggle* she was just in time for Orgy of the Dead.

Ive seen it before but oh my is the funniest movie ever! and if i read correctly Ed Wood directed it so..of course its gonna have some laughs due to its B-movie-ness, ie: scenes change from day to night to day again, driving on a straight road requires some serious turning of the steering wheel, random stock footage of a rattlesnake in between scenes that was somehow worked into the script last minute....oh my god. then of course there was the jiggling boob lady. literally. tahts all she did. she thought she was dancing and she was just topless and started jiggling her boobs and making a "swimming" motion like some shitty 60's dance-a-thon. ive seen so many naked people i am SO over the "astonishment" but it was very VERY laughable. a definite "must see" if youre bored. =D i wanna get it on DVD just so we can make screen grabs!

awww...the dog is lying on the couch with her legs spread and her arm in the air. =D

man oh man that was fun.

okay..gonna go eat some leftover pizza.

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