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well, gotta clean up the house today. hopefully jaime can come over or something to do homework. yeah, sounds boring, but i like the company.

i really feel like drawing. cant work on commissions cuz all my commission stuff/art supplies are at home, but i do have a pencil and some paper here so it will have to be "back to the basics" for me.

watching Emperor's New Groove on the "evil" channel right now. love that movie, makes me go "tee hee!"

had pizza and twix for breakfast. omg i am SO healthy =P i think i might make some of those quiches for lunch/dinner.

*growls* great. my phones acting up.

for some reason its deciding to not ring at all and not let me know i had voicemail until 3 and a half hours later. my phone has been quiet all day long. i called dad to check in, he said my phone kept ringing and i didnt answer, and now tav called and asked why i wasnt answering my phone. its been sitting next to me all day long! the only time it hasnt been was when i was in the shower but i checked it and it didnt say i missed any calls at all. =P *growls* i dont know whats up with it.

great..just a second ago it said the battery was almost dead, now it has close to full power and i didnt even charge it. i gotta get a new phone i think this one is defective.
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