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small rant

no...wait..large rant..okay here goes:

i cant stand it when people treat their boyfriends/girlfriends like absolute and total shit. am i talking about myself here? no, of course not. i have a GREAT relatioship, but unfortunately some people are not so lucky and its their own fucking fault. i think the way some people handle their relationships is bullshit. its not my place to meddle, but as a bystander i cant help but feel somewhat involved should i observe some wrong being done.

i hate it when people break up with their boyfriend/girlfriend just cuz theyre crushing over someone else. and for that matter, anyone who goes out with someone who dumped their current S/O for you is not worth your time, because you know what? what makes you think they wont do the you? its my policy..i think some people should take a lesson in that.

also, obsessing over ex's/other people is a definite no go. true, ive been guilty of this on a couple of occasions, but learning to recognize it and put a stop to it is a MUST! *oh boo hoo! my ex left me 6 years ago and he was so horrible! ive had 8 relationships since then, but im still going to obsess over that one cuz they hurt me bad! now i cant trust you cuz im comparing you to him! oh boo hoo!* GROW UP!
or then theres the ol' *oh! this person is hot! my boyfriend/girlfriend should be that hot. im going to go tell them theyre ugly so theyll feel compelled to try to look like this person.* what the hell? ive seen this so many places lately and it makes me sick! you love them for who they are, not for what they have the potential of becoming.

reading livejournals/visiting forums/watching tv all contributed to this massive outburst..and im not quite done with it, but the way i see it, anyone who cant treat the person they love most with respect, how can i expect them to treat me with the same respect as a friend? going to have to do a lot of thinking and rethinking on things,and hopefully others will do the same. also..i think i should stop watching jerry springer, i know its staged but it angers the blood.

i miss my pup. i love him just the way he is and wouldnt want him to change a bit unless he wanted to..i just want him to be happy, and that is the most important thing of all.

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