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Art-tastic. maybe...

I cant get any art done. this sucks. i did a couple doodles while i was at my grandma's house though.

Drew a little sketch for likeshine Sorry its not better..ill draw a new one another time when im not so busy.

Drew this LJ icon for haskiwolf and also This one too. you may want to resize those =)

also have a trade with ahkahna_dragon which will be a super fun project for me to work on in between commissions and school work. i think its always a good idea to draw a new and "just for fun" character aside from "work". that way it makes things go by quicker =) thanks Ahk!

list of commissions ive been working on:

-Werewood books *sorry i havent gotten back to you. been kinda hectic over here*
-kaffe's pic. still in sketch mode.

and i have a conbadge commission up on furbid that ends in two weeks. go bid. now. please?

got a job as an assistant to a mural painter *my friends grandma*, but its freelance work and i still need a real job. *sulk* someone pray for me please. im going to need it.

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