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okay, this royally sucks

awhile ago Lakotawolf won my LJ mood icon auction for a set of 25. she paid and i sent the base one and asked her approval, she liked it so i finished a couple more, and kept sending them to ask her approval as i went. after awhile i noticed she wasnt responding at all. i checked her deadjournal, no updates. she had basically dropped off the face of the earth.
So, i put a post in artist_beware stating that in case theyre commissioned by her, make sure they keep contact. i decided to do a little futher investigating and found this.

isnt that lovely? she didnt respond to my e-mails, yet kept the icons and altered the fuck out of em, and stupidly i might add.

not only that, my good friend wyndgryphon's mate had commissioned Lakota to do a custom gryphon plush for Wynd's birthday. she took the $50 and once again, dropped off the face of the earth. no commission, no money, no response to e-mails. hell theyve even tried contacting her on AIM but she flat out ignores them.

as far as im concerned, Lakota is off my list.
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