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well, the rest of the day was better. started out really depressing. turns out i think im afraid of my car. the tiniest thought of driving sent me into a frenzy of shaking hands and hurried breath. weird huh? i LOVE Calvin to death, he's never given me any problems...well..nothing serious...and i always try to keep him gassed up but i dont understand why i would be so scared to drive him. today in particular..*ponders* ah well.

My precious wuffy boy called me today though and cheered me up. hes been so perky lately, makes me happy just to hear of his good mood =D *wiggles her wuffy butt and misses him* hes such a cutie!! *drools*


math was boring as it always is. still dont like Taylor. i walk into class, i didnt wear any makeup today cuz i just didnt feel like it and he goes "woah. are you depressed or something?" what? cuz i didnt wear makeup? strangely enough thats one of the main reasons i dont wear it..cuz im too depressed and i get lazy =P but still! its like waking up and having someone tell you you look like crap!

got into my car and Queen was on the radio. i fiddled with my CD's cuz i thought i had left my CD on. i tell you..theyre following me. =P i really like that classic rock station we found on Jaime's birthday. its quite good! rock 105.3 is pissing me off though cuz they keep playing Nirvana. the guy died like..forever ago, stop acting like its "all new songs". not to mention, im sure he made more than 3 songs during his lifetime, find some new ones to dig up. im sure Courtney Love has a whole library full.

*watches a movie* oo..paul rudd =) wtf is this movie? its got paul rudd and jennifer aniston in it and hes gay and they have a baby together. its like that madonna movie only not. anyone know what its called?

english was..interesting. talked with a marine named roger and we exchanged thoughts on how our teacher sucks at grading. apparently everyone had the same problem with her being way too opinionated while correcting our papers. it was all based on her personal preferences it seemed. not good. *grumbles*

class got let out 2-3 hours early though. WOO HOO! i swear that class is not to be taken seriously. its supposed to be 4 hours long but were barely there. id rather just get the homework for the month and save my gas money thank ya very much!

talked to tiffalynx today. i miss her. im sad. SAD I TELL YOU! *anime cries* and Zephyr and i will never be able to partay cuz none of us are brave enough to call and order pizza. pathetic.

ugh. i need to cleanse Calvin. hes got cat prints all over him/bird poopies/flowers/eucalyptus leaves and currently smells like McDonalds, just from today alone! going to gut him, clean him out, windex everything and light some insence and sit in there until it burns out. hopefully that will properly restore him. i think the best way to get rid of a smell is to burn it off anyways..well..not like..setting him on fire. i like the smell of incense and it seems to last longer than any of my air fresheners. can anyone think of a good scent that goes well with leather?

seems everyone liked SpringWing for some weird reason. i may draw him again then. hes a cutie! my head..not on paper. i need to work on that. =P

ok gonna eat some meatloaf and talk to wuffy boy. i gotta get up early tomorrow and go to work with dad cuz he may have a job opening for me. wish me luck! =D

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