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Thorn's homework help hotline, call 1-800-ASK-THORN - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
Thorn's homework help hotline, call 1-800-ASK-THORN
okay...i dont know but....do i seem like a math inclined person?
why are people asking me these things.
geeze Iditarod...i dont know what youre thinking sometimes..

SHROYERTOW: Hi, I need some homework help, Thorn.
NicoleSD: what do you need
SHROYERTOW: Well, I forgot what range and mode is in math.
NicoleSD: it had to be math didnt it?
SHROYERTOW: yeah, that's my homework!
NicoleSD: its not that hard, you just picked the worst math student in the world to ask. you should go to sparknotes.com or something for this kinda stuff. im a senior in HS, i dont have to take math again unless its required in the art college i go to *not that i think it would be*
SHROYERTOW: oh, ok, see you around at TIB! Bye! Thanks for the suggsestion!
NicoleSD: bye
SHROYERTOW: Wait what was it? I need to write it down, I'm not good at memorizing as you can see......
NicoleSD: sparknotes.com
NicoleSD: they might have that kinda stuff on there, i dunno. i usually go there for cliffsnotes

i mean if i really cared to remember 7th grade math im sure i could answer, but honestly i dont care to.
im an artist..not a mathema...math..uh....numbers type person =P

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