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had sort of a bad day today

*sigh* but first things first...

Bowie is sexy =D

Which David Bowie are you?

Vampire Brad Pitt is sexy =D *LOOOOOVES interview with the vampire*

Er, congrats, you're Louis de Pointe du Lac from Interview With a Vampire! You'll live in misery and with enormous regrets for the rest of your life. Oh, and you'll be alone. That is, unless Tom Cruise comes and finds you, which actually wouldn't be so bad...

onto the bad day. for starters, im obviously late to school and mom keeps coming in and asking me questions and talking to me and i have no idea what shes saying, all i know is that she keeps asking the same question over and over again in different forms of the sentence. then she goes *DONT SASS ME* wtf? that some southern term? i didnt even sass her i just go, mom im late i gotta go, yes yes, i know i konw..i gotta go.
*sigh* moms

then i go out to my car and open my trunk to put my backpack in...*THUNK!* i hit my head on my popped trunk =P it fell down and smacked me as i was leaning in.

I got to school early, i think somethings wrong with my clock. so i had to loiter around and do nothing. I drew WereThorn being REALLY pissed, mainly cuz i was pissed, mainly from last night. i hate drama. it can die.

Animation class was okay, we got to watch an episode of the simpsons and i had to squash and stretch Cyclops from X-men *we work from toys...the first one i had to squash and stretch was Celeste from that elephant cartoon, Babar*

My teacher said i was doing really well and i could move on to a complex animation whenever i felt like it. I still think my squash and stretched version of Cyclops looked like Arnold Schwartzenegger and Danny Devito from "Twins" =P

Break was too short, but i got to discuss with Tiffalynx a bunch of evil stuff i really shouldnt post here cuz apparently "LITTLE PEOPLE READ THIS"
yeah, someone posted in my LJ that "you shouldnt sware cuz little people read this."

i said, "are you a little person? you dont have to read my LJ."

i have the right to be angry. *GRR* whoever wrote that, youre a NERD!

Screen printing was all too fabulous. in fact, some of the situations that occur in that class i am currently drawing in a comic which i shall post when its done.
The people in there are so dumb it pains me to hear them speak. you tell them the obvious, and they ask questions about what you just said, REPEATING everything you just said, then they stare at you blankly trying to comprehend the strange sounds coming out of your mouth. to them it /sounds/ like english but their tiny minds cant decipher a complex language. here..ill translate "duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh"
get all that? no? well, "little people read this", perhaps they can explain it to you.

Lunch, surprisingly, was too long. i dont know how thats possible...but it was.

worked on my comic in photography while talking about gynecologists to 2 guys i dont know. one is gay, and one is undetermined. they know my gynecologist. =P looooovely.

the one undetermined guy is very sweet and caring. i told him "you should be a guidance councellor" he said "why?"
i said, "cuz you are exactly what they are supposed to be, but not."
this of course being from the fact that my councellor said "oh no, we dont support children going to art school. thats not a REAL school..go out and get a REAL job in business! mm hmm! yeah! that could work! now lemme just take all these art classes out of your schedule and put in 'work experience'and other business related classes..mmkay?"

oh, and i had senior pictures today, but i had to reschedule. one reason cuz i have a bruise on my head from being ATTACKED BY A CAR TRUNK aside from being slammed around in the halls at school. stupid tall people.
also i didnt get home in enough time to fix myself up so i look halfway decent. aside from that i couldnt find the shirt i wanted to wear. *sigh*

*washes off the stench of today and jumps on the couch* god..its hot..oh yeah. our AC is broken. yippee.
little people, if you read this....enjoy.
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