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Goodbye for awhile

As some of you may or may not know, i am moving to a new room to rent this weekend. Today, im moving my clothes, my computer, and my desk. Tomorrow, we will be moving the rest as far as i know. As far as internet goes, i'm probably not going to have it for awhile because my housemate has never had internet in her life *she grew up on a farm* so until i get that squared away im going to be taking a leave of absence and take the opportunity to get settled and work on a few side projects.

I was talking with Tav last night and i need a break from the internet anyways and feel it wil do me well. There is too much drama going on, and i haven't been able to draw in weeks, so theres definitely something wrong.

going to be on haiatus from the "community" and focus on my artwork. not so much furry art, but comics and storyboards. i need to get into the habit of drawing what im going to be doing for a living. Furry/Were art is nice, but i think i should take the time to develop my talent and see outside the fandom. Be expected to see progress on my commissions and trades though when i get back.

I am also planning on focusing on my school work. October 20th, my english class ends, so after that i will only have 2 classes to focus on, which will give me even a lot more time.

so, goodbye for now. rest assured ill be back later, although i dont know when.

tiffalynx, eccentricweepel and alex_to_you, you know my cell phone number.

katarina42 im putting you in full charge of fantards until i get back.

adios amigos.
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