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woo hoo!

my new place is so......COOL! i never thought id say this, but Temecula is cooler than RB. why?

within a short driving distance *ie: no freeways and just a couple stoplights down the road* its got:
-Stadium movie theatre
-Trader Joe's
-Car Wash
-Claim Jumper
-every fast food chain you can name *including In N Out*
-a barnes and nobel WITH a built in starbucks that doesnt close until 11 that has art magazines. its like having a personal library..with coffee!
-godfather's pizza
-a place called "the iron wok" which is a better, yes i said BETTER version of PF Changs
-even more than im mentioning now!

this place has everything RB, Poway AND Mira Mesa have combined! yeah, my buds HAVE to hang out here. it kicks much ass =)

was Joy's birthday today. 15 years old. yay!
kinda sucks though, her father didnt call at all. =( what is it with these dads that have kids and dont even follow up/call on birthdays? i guess im lucky.

omg. westly deals with the funniest people on IM *is amused*
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