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meat meat meat meat

Arbey's has a "5 roast beef sandwiches for 5 bucks" deal. needless to say i pounced on that quickly and have been living off roast beef sandwiches for the last few days. meat doesnt come cheap, unless its from Arbey's.

also those Cambells "Soup At Hand" things are to die for. the "creamy tomato" ones are my absolute favorite.

i have absolutely no will do draw. not even my personal projects. kyoht's tutorial inspired me a bit but i have to get my commissions done first before i do that. i got ahold of the FC guy to give me a packet. he sent me as a PDF format and i said it didnt work for me. he said he would send me one via mail but..i havent gotten anything yet. wrote him back today. god i hate getting jerked around >_<

i really wanna win one of those Yerf Trading Posts, just so i can have Thorn or Niko drawn with all the elements they like ie: silent bob/clerks/tim burton/bad religion/alice in chains/chocolate donuts/ five iron frenzy. im kind of curious what everyone would come up with. but no..better and better artists are going in there and i A: wouldnt stand a chance and B: simply dont have the time to apply.

maybe ill just do something for furartxchange or something once i get the time. but for

ooh. i just got some inspiration. going to go utilize it now. goodbye-eye
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