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well, mom named her new Highlander "Scotty MacTavish"
get it? highlander? scotland? *badum CHING*
mom said she named it after Tav, cuz his name is Tavis Scott. moms weird =)

Talked to Starfinder tonight, god shes such a sweetie!! *HUGS STARFINDER* love you, girl! you are the best! definitely gonna see some doodles from me featuring starfinder the crazy wolf-yote were =)
she really cheered me up on this horrible horrible day. its good to know that some people out there actually know the kind of stuff i go through and can sympathize.

Tiff also never fails to cheer me up:

NicoleSD: i finished a commission and am half way done with another one
Tiff3903: man nicole
Tiff3903: you are awesome,
Tiff3903: you inspire me but, it never goes further than the thought, i jsut stay on my lazy bum
NicoleSD: lol thank you tiff that makes me feel good. now i just need to come over and say *i thought you said i inspire you dammit get to work!*
NicoleSD: yay!
Tiff3903: hahaha
Tiff3903: YES! perfect!
NicoleSD: hee hee

yes..*hee hee* goodness =D

A big huggy wolfy thanks to Winter Winstar who bid on a Balto UK mini poster for me using the buy it now feature. i dont have an e-bay account *sadly* and he bought it for now alls i have to do is grab him a money order at 7-11 tomorrow for 8 bucks. yeah..yah heard me...8 measly bucks for a balto UK mini poster =D
*hugs winter* thank you thank you!

okay, im in a great mood now. my wuffy boy is gonna call me soon.

*does a flip*
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