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Oh i am evil arent i

I saw this on Arbeywolf's LJ so i thought id give it a shot. funny enough i got the same thing she did but i honestly dont think its me..i think ill take it later

Take the Disney Villain Test Now!!

i hate how they have female and male versions of the test...i love the male villians *usually* thats it, im going to take the male version...

Take the Disney Villain Test Now!!

ew..i hate ja-FART hes like a woman with a beard.

these tests are fun...

Take the High Yield Killing Method Test Now!! scared now. whats with all the arabs in my results? i swear im not a terrorist.
no more tests...
well okay..just one more..or two, or 10!!

but lucky for you my likelyhood of committing murder is 36%
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