An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
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im starting to get very impatient with people. i hate being jerked around and i try to maintain a tight ship around here and apologize profusely when i am late sending something but i always send it NO MATTER WHAT.

i sent out DC's catdragon
the beanie babies
the furbid auction winnings

i have yet to send out the hush puppy beanie because i just moved in, JUST found a bank, cashed that money order a couple days ago and still need to get a large enough envelope. *apologies*

but what i am not pleased with is people not paying me 3 weeks after winning an auction. lemme just say that if i dont receive that money by the end of next week drastic measures are going to be taken. im not going to be dicked around with any longer.
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