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Things That Annoy Thorn - the rebirth

its not that im being negative, i just find these amusing to do.

-people that are 90 lbs and go "OMG i WISH i could gain weight like YOU!" while eating fast food and donuts
-people who hit on your significant other in front of you
-people who, no matter how many times you tell them, will not shut up even in class and drives you to thinking that maybe you should say "look, i didnt like you in highschool, i dont like you PLEASE BE QUIET! i want to LEARN!" but...youre not that mean so you keep quiet
-when nude models talk to you after theyre done being naked. its not so much annoying as it is awkward. i usually offer them food to break the weirdness. *green lifesaver anyone?*
-when my connection burps and people go "OMG you signed off! are you MAD at me?? WAI?!"
-allergy pills that dont work.SCREW YOU CLARATIN! its its whole purpose in life to make me feel better and it doesnt even do that..for SHAME
-expensive perfume that smell like soap. why on earth would you want to pay 30 + bucks to smell like soap on your hot date? i gotta bar of Zest in the shower, go on..rub it on your neck. youll smell PHABULOUS. youll have to fight off he guys with a scrub brush
-when i get creative ideas when im driving and cant write them down, yet when i sit in front of my computer to type them all out....blankness.
-when people lie about sending something out:
Person A:"did you mail my books yet?"
Person B: " bought you all NEW ones cuz i was being a jerk, so amazon still has to mail them."
Person A:"aww thats nice of you! what happened to my old ones?"
Person B"....."
-when i can find a post office, but they dont sell envelopes, so i have to find a staples to get one, but there are none. this has also happened the other way around..
-when disgusting guys hit on me. why cant a decent looking guy say "hey good lookin" so i can just say "no thanks, i have a boyfriend" instead of "ewwwww". yesterday it was mr. "sopping wet mechanic who likes dungeons and dragons and doesnt shave his sorry attempt at a beard". i just didnt say anything =P
-note to roommate: please do not powerwash my dog with a highpressure nozzel. i would like to come home to a dog that has her skin in tact. i find her to be more fluffy and cuddly that way. thank you.
-when you like a song on the radio, but thats the one song the DJ forgets to mention the name of, or at least the band.
-when baseball takes over Fox and the Simpsons are a no show during primetime.
- when gay guys, the second they come out of the closet to everyone, somehow magically gain a lisp, when they didn't have one previously
-when im trying to be quiet about something to someone and they just flat out embarrass me. example:
Person A: *i would like to get a maxi pad please*
Person B: WHAT?! SPEAK UP!
Person A: Maxi Pad
Person A: can i have one please?
Person B: OH! YOU SHOULD BE MORE PREPARED FOR YOURE PERIOD!! YEAH! i got a MAXI PAD!!!!!!that will be a quarter.....FOR THE MAXI PAD!

-when the photo developers dont develop all the pictures i took, then act clueless. theres 27 pictures on the roll. why do i only have 23 photos in my hand?
response: did you count right?
-when people ask to meet up with me and then do nothing else but talk about other people theyve met in the past. good to know im going to be on that shit list of yours =P
-when people i barely talk to ask to meet up with me, period.
-when someone who cant draw for crap redlines my work.
-when people get on me on the LJ community mock_the_stupid about capitalizing my sentences claiming that if im going to post about a stupid situation, i should not be stupid myself because after all, not capitalizing my words and phrases IS STUPID OMFG! im a mockery of the community!! *dies*
-when people suck up to Goldie and Kyoht by going " you konw who my favorite werewolf artists are? GOLDIE AND KYOHT..DURRRR! Goldie? are you reading this? LOOK AT ME!"
-when people decide soap is evil and don't bathe, so they sit and reek and are completely oblivious to their stench
-when close friends dont tell you you have something stuck in your teeth
-when people mispronounce "nuclear"
-the word "irregardless". its not even a word morons! its a double negative!
-when people, mostly my moms friends, randomly stroke my hair like theyre petting with a dog without even thinking "gee, thats a person thats not even my kid, lemme just touch her hair without asking her". yeah. thats gel in there. i spent awhile getting it to look nice and clean, please dont grease it up and make it askew.
-the fact that no matter how rabid of a kevin smith fan i am, i dont have all the dvd's. why? dvd's are not a priority on my spending list. eating is. birthday gifts anyone? *begs*
-the sound our phone makes. i always think its the fire alarm when it rings.
-the bad timing of cell phones
-two words: personal space. not many people seem to realize i need a lot of it when theyre speaking to me. if youre super freakishly tall, please stand 3 feet away from me when speaking so i can actually see your eyes. otherwise, im looking at your chest and i dont like that feeling.
-when people go "omg are you REALLY that short?" im sorry, i must have used the "extreme shortness" filter in photoshop to tweak my image so i look like a shrimp. im actually 6'4"
-when the painter brings his dog to the house even though he KNOWS my dog hates his dog and will attack him when given the chance. "hey your dog hates my dog. lemme bring him every day so your dog will be distressed while my dog craps on your lawn."
-when the only way people know of john candy is for his role in "spaceballs". ex:
Person A: i remember the first movie i saw in this theatre was "only the lonely" with John Candy
Person B: who?
Person A: you know, big fat guy, sort of like the Chris Farley of the 80's- 90's only sweet and calm.
Person B: wha?
Person A: played in Only The Lonely, Planes Trains and Automobiles..
Person B: ....
Person A: Spaceballs
Person B: OH!! the "Mog" dude! yeah hes great.
-When i make an obvious joke and no one laughs
-Pumpkins: are they a fruit or a vegitable? they have seeds, so therefore they are a fruit, YET they are a squash, and all other squashes are vegitables. wtf?!
-when people think im a guy.
-people who apologize for EVERYTHING!
Person A: hi
Person B: hi
Person A: you delayed in your response, i must be bugging you. i am SOO sorry! omg..please forgive me!
Person B: wha?
-when my dad asks me to do something when he asked me at night the day before, and then the next day im at school until 9 something so obviously i had NO TIME to do the thing he asked.
Dad: did you do that thing?
Me: was it that i talked to you last?
Dad: last night around 7:40
Me: considering it was night last time we talked, i couldnt have done it then, and i was at school all day today, how could i possibly have done that thing?
Dad: i know. im just asking.
-when i get an urge to draw and i have no paper/bristol
-when i have so many ideas running through my head and i cant sleep
-the fact that i picked the room with the ceiling fan so i wouldnt get too hot in here, yet it doesnt work and no one knows how to fix it.

ok thats all for now =)
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