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my back is killing me

my back hurts so bad =( i dont have a decent place to sit down and do artwork, my bed is an air mattress and my computer chair sucks and i need to get a new one. but alas, no money since i cant start that new job until dad gets the "okay". im constantly hunched over when im doing something *growls*.

what i did today:
-bought a pooper scooper
-bought detergent
-did laundry
-went to scoop poop but found that most of it was gone already..i sure hope to god elisha or jason didnt do it, not that i think they would have.
-found references for new project
-sketched new project
-did watercolor wash and background on new project
-watched Kim Possible =)
-brushed the dog

slightly productive. could have been moreso i suppose.

gotta go get my laundry outta the drier now. adios!
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