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kitchen tips with Thornwolf

okay, i thought that because im such a lazy person yet i always manage to find something intresting to eat in the house, id like to share these tips with you.
theyre great when youre hungry NOW or even when you dont have much in the house and have to make something out of nothing.

Tuna Melt

kitchen supplies:


fix the tuna up however you want. this usually involves adding mayo but personally, i quite enjoy adding a little bit of mustard to it. regular frenches yellow mustard or grey poupon, theyre both really tasty =) set that aside
grab the bread, and put the cheese on the bread. after that, spread the tuna on the bread and make your regular tuna sandwich.
heat the stove and place a preferably nonstick pan on it. put lots of butter in the pan and make sure the melted butter covers the entire surface of the pan. once its hot and the butter is melted, put your tuna sandwich in the pan. flip a couple of times so the bread is to your preferred crispiness.
they are SOOO yummy!

extra tip:
for those of you who like spicy stuff, i reccommend keeping a jar of peppers in the fridge to eat with your sandwich. i like the little light green ones they serve at some burger joints =)

Toasted/Grilled Sandwich

meat of your choice
cheese of your choice
(optional) produce such as lettuce or tomatoes, but i dont use them when making this particular sandwich

kitchen supplies:
toaster (or toaster oven)


first and foremost, toast the bread to a light light LIGHT golden brown so as not to char it. contine to make your sandwich as preferred, but remember, leave the produce OFF of the sandwich until you have done every other step first.
with your toasted sandwich with the meat/cheese/ whatever on it, put the sandwiched open faced in the microwave for oh..well i use 20 seconds but just do it enough to melt the cheese a bit. not too much, or youll make the bread soggy.
after thats done, put your produce on if youd like, then put the other piece of bread on top. and there you have it! yummy toasted sandwich thats warm all the way through =D

there is also the option of grilling the sandwich. just follow the grilling instructions for the tuna melt and its really good. Tavis likes it! so you know its good.

Random Ingredients Burger

This is really up to you, but i would reccommend using some sort of cheese, some sort of sauce, and good bread to do this.

here is an example of a random ingredients burger that i made that was DELICIOUS

White Bread
ground beef
honey teriyaki sauce
garlic salt
brie (its a type of fancy cheese)

kitchen supplies:
non stick pan
non stick spray

grab some ground beef and mold it into a patty. dont make it too big though it has to fit on the bread. spray the pan and cook the patty on the stove.
while its cooking i added a touch of garlic salt, just a pinch of it, otherwise its too salty. after that, i sprinkled on some pepper. while the patty was almost done cooking i poured on a dab of honey and a bit of the honey teriyaki sauce to saturate the patty to give it that extra flavor.
after i put the patty on a plate, i then toasted the bread slightly in the toaster so it could support the weight of the patty when i ate it...also..its white bread, it sticks everywhere =P yuck.
i then put the patty on the bread and got a couple slices of brie and put it on top of the patty. i also put on another dab of honey. i put it in the microwave enough to melt the cheese *with brie it doesnt take much*
with that done, just put the other slice ofbread on top and enjoy! god it was so good, if only i could have all the ingredients here at once i would make another one *drool*

Ghetto Pizza

okay, some of you may be thinking...."well thats great but i dont always have ground beef or whatever in my house"
problem solved!

spaghetti sauce
any other pizza type topping you happen to find

kitchen supplies:

put spaghetti sauce, cheese and any other ingredient youd like to add on the bread. put in the microwave, melt, enjoy! simple as that =)
if you desire a more crunchy *crust*, pop the bread in the toaster for a bit before you put the ingredients on and put it in the microwave.
if you would like a more "deep dish" style to your ghetto pizza, buy that really thick texas toast =D *its great for french toast by the way*
which brings me to another point...

Thorn's French Toast

okay, so this has happened to me before. i make french toast and i find, "oh no! im out of syrup!" what do you do? what DO you do?

what i do when i have this problem is i put a bit of butter on the french toast, some lemon juice and finally some powdered sugar.
this also allows the french toast to take on a *german pancake* taste thats delicious =)

Thorn's Grape Soda

CW has already tried this

if you take seltzer water or preferably pellegrino mineral water, add welches grape juice to it it makes this wonderful sparkling grape juice. *drool* has to be welches though, the other grape juices taste like that icky grape medicine dimetap

Well, i have lots more but thats all im gonna mention today. And remember, if all else fails, thats what chef boyardee is for *eats her beefaroni*
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