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just woke up. didnt want to, but felt i should sleep my day away. Tavis sent me a picture with his camera phone that was of a sign that said "6 Pack Pansy" =P *laughs* it was on a box of flowers, but still *giggles* thats my new insult now. He and his friend Russ are at Lowes for their grand opening shindig. theres monster trucks and racecar simulators you can drive *whines and drools* WHY DO I HAVE TO BE 3,000 MILES AWAY?!

the weirdest things that are on my desk right now: coyote claws, jelly belly recipes, and hot sauce.

i have a lot of drawing and "math"ing to do today so i better get started. especially on the math or else jaime's going to kick my butt.
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