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productive? maybe

Me to dog: haha! your mouth is your hands!
Dog: ...? just shut up and throw the ball

did some more work on "Bacchus". not sure if im going to scan progress pics or not. its such a pain in the butt cuz its bigger than my scanner *rar rar rar!* it doesnt look so much like ass anymore though, and i am happy =) he looks more like a donkey now and less like a rabbit. i love donkeys *swoons* DONKEYS EQUAL DINNER! YUM!

*edit*: i just realized i inadvertantly made a corny joke. "hes looking less like ass and more like a donkey!" oh im so bad =P

I watched The Breakfast Club today on VH1. *drools* i think Tav should cut his hair like Judd Nelson...RUFF! i love his hair in that movie =D its so...flippy! why is it that they have to ruin a totally classic movie by not allowing them to cuss though? its ON VH1 after all..pishaw!

OFFER!: if anyone out there wants to get me the complete john hughes set *sans ferris buellers day off* or the entire kevin smith set *sans clerks/dogma/the cartoons* then i will do art for them of equal or more value depending of how many dvds they get me or the cost of the whole thing. =)

my printer is being stupid and i cant find my back up ink cartridges. *sigh* i was printing out some pictures of Tav he took with his phone cam so i can put them in my photo album and he came out all pink and green and stripey. *sigh* this sucks though because it means that if i try to print out my english paper its going to come out funky. *bites* i hope i dont have to buy a new cartridge. i have a whole stash of em somewhere!! *whine*

okay going to go be productive now.
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