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wow, 2 in one week?!

yeah thats probably not going to happen again.

Things That Annoy Thorn - the sequel to the sequel to the sequel

-when a family member tries to get you a gig designing a logo for a friend of theirs and promises you 100 bucks. when you do the thumbnails, they like it and say "perfect." but when you finish up the logo they decide theyre not going to pay you because its not what theyre looking for and they say "nevermind" to the whole thing...this of course being after they avoid paying you by conveniently going to Disneyland and not returning your calls and you cant say much cuz theyre a friend of the family. bastard.
-when i cant load a flash site because my connection here is so slow
-when my roomie says "im not going to be home tonight, feel free to have a party" and i have no money/time to do anything fun
-when its perfectly alright for me to drive an hour back and forth to see my friends, but when i ask them to come see me its like pulling teeth with a crowbar.
-when friends *now former friends* say they dont want to ride with me because i ask them to give me a few dollars for gas money because im the ONLY one who drives anyone anywhere
me: so you coming with me?
friend A: no, i cant afford your GAS PRICES
me: 2 dollars?
friend: i need to buy lunch with that
me: im sorry, i didnt know cheauffering you to del mar to see a GUY wasnt worth 2 lousy dollars. forget i even asked.
friend: fuck you and your attitude
me: wha?!
-the phrase "people do what they want to do" because its SO TRUE
-when the North County Times wakes me up by calling the house and causes our fire alarm of a phone to ring, yet they dont answer when you "hello..HELLO?? HELLO!!!!" cowards.
-the fact that i didnt get the notice for national portfolio day until a week before. at least ComiCon lets you know months beforehand. sheesh!
-when people put money in places other than their wallet: ie: underwear, bra, their and actually PAY with this money and expect you to not be grossed out.
person A: what do i owe ya?
person B: $21.50
person A: *pulls it out of bra* there ya go
person B: excuse me while i go wash my hands.
*true story, not to me..but i read it somewhere*
-sweaty money..for that matter. i think sweaty money is almost as bad. its like "heres my sopping wet money that i doused in my bodily secretions" i feel like im going to get a rash just thinking about it
-the hand gesture my mom makes when she wants me to pick up my stuff. she "girly motions" with her hand. its like a gay man doing that "hand flip" thing only its referring to actual manual labor.
-when someone asks you to critique their work, and when you do, they go "i just dont see it." or "no, i like it how i had it, im not going to change it" when its blatantly obvious its fucked up.
-the fact that i cant find any of my non-furry art for national portfolio day. im gonna look like a freak.
-the fact that there is no Shermer, least..not that ive found..yet all these movies are based in it
-how tight they make those plastic slip covers for papers. its so hard to put a regular size piece of paper in them without struggling!
-when plans change last minute to something completely undesireable
-when people tell everyone else the plan except me and expect me to not be pissed off when they tell me the night before an event
-when people completely forget about my feelings when i do everything in my power to please them and make things easier for people.
-that "10 things i hate about you" poem thats circulating through the net. its from a movie, folks, its NOT MEANINGFUL!
-those virus warnings that are actually the virus themselves
-that subway girl at palomar who is spaztic and a half. shes made my sandwich twice now and shes just so..bizarre...its hard to explain 0_o shes like "special" but not, yanno?
-when you cant tell if someones a girl or a boy and their name is something androgynous and they talk to you and ask if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and youre like...umm.."" and they say "im bisexual" and then you REALLY dont know.
-the fact that the people i didnt like in highschool go to palomar cuz theyre losers and screwed up really bad in HS, meanwhile im going to palomar because im actually trying to get a cheap yet meaningful education, but anyone looking at the two of us in a lineup would never know whos going there for what reason.
-when someone i never talked to in HS says "hi" in the halls in Palomar and i dont remember their name, yet they seem to know my life history
-when people get upset when i say i dont take requests, i only take commissions, as if its blasphemous for me to even mention the word "money" in regards to artwork.
-when no matter how hard i try, i always end up sounding like a drooling fangirl when i talk to certain artists.
-lined paper thats not college ruled, especially when it tricks you into buying it because the cover sheet looks college ruled but thats just because the graphic artist who designed it is a retard and you buy it and are disappointed when you open the package.
-those poseable wooden mannequin art/model dolls you can get at art stores. they dont bend like a person would, so how in the hell is that supposed to help? *yes, i have one, his names Frederick Alfonso*
-when i walk in to the Art Store in downtown San Diego..and i have no money *weep!*
-the fact that ill sound like a complete and utter snob/bitch if i ever ask for jewelry as a gift, so i ask for typical stuff instead. should never ASK for jewelry, but when one never has gotten jewelry from anyone before in her life, one wonders what she is doing wrong.
-when people say theyll e-mail me and never do *im guilty of this too and im annoyed at myself for it*
-when someone acts like an incident that caused me to have to get the cops involved was merely a "misunderstanding" and doesnt understand why i never talk to them anymore. *rolls eyes*
-when guys do not respect that i have a boyfriend and proceed to flirt with me anyways despite my harsh responses. what is it with guys anyways? are they stupid or just deaf?
-when girls do not respect that a guy has a girlfriend and tries to get on his good side to lure him away from her. thats low ladies..thats really low.
-when a girl "friend" of a guy talks to his girlfriend and acts like she knows everything about the guy and the girlfriend doesnt.
-when its noon and it looks like its 6 AM. gotta go!
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